For All Your Nursery & Landscaping Needs From Design to Completion

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From large commercial projects to the simple installation of a few shrubs,
we specialize in the design and construction of landscapes that will last for years.

There are two ways to receive a FREE ESTIMATE.                                                                                  

By Email:

Simply email a picture of the area you would like to have landscaped to

Be sure to include the following in your email:
  • Name, Address, Phone Numbers
  • A straight shot photo of the area you need landscaped
  • Measurements from house to sidewalk, etc., if applicable
  • Any plants or trees you might like to see in the design
  • Any other specifics you feel might help the Landscapers

Our qualified Landscapers will contact you after looking at your pictures to discuss their plan. 

By Phone:

Call (or email) the office to place your
Estimate Request. 

Our Landscapers will contact you to set up an appointment to look at the areas you would like to have landscaped and later contact you with their proposal.


Landscaping Tips:

Fall & Winter are typically slower times for landscaping but actually the best time to plant.  In most cases you will have to water less often and our schedule is not as busy.

Spring is a very busy time both at our Nursery and with our Landscaping crews. 

Summer is typically when the landscaping schedule begins to slow down a bit but please don't forget to water your new plants!!


We Plan-You Plant

Do you love working in your yard but not quite sure where to start sprucing it up? 
We have the perfect solution for you! 

Our NEW "We Plan-You Plant" program is designed to help YOU beautify your
home with the aid of a professional landscape design.

The Plan is Simple!

  • Email or Call us to request your "We Plan-You Plant" Questionnaire.
  • We will email you the Questionnaire & Information.
  • Take a straight shot picture of the area you wish to re-landscape.
  • Fill out the "We Plan-You Plant" Questionnaire.
  • Email your picture and completed questionnaire to
  • Once we receive your picture and questionnaire we will contact you to set up an 30-minute consultation appointment at the Nursery.  (Please remember that Spring is our busy season so please allow up to two weeks.)
Your Consultation Appointment Only Costs $35 and Includes:
  • A view of your new landscape design using our landscaping design software program which allows you to see your home with our proposed landscaping plan.
  • A review of all the proposed plants in your design.
  • A tour of the Nursery to view the proposed plant material.
  • A detailed price estimate.
Special Bonus!!!
  • Upon purchase of your plant material you will receive a FREE color copy of your design.

Obviously a thirty-minute appointment is not enough time to tackle your entire yard but it is a perfect solution for a portion of your yard.  Consultation Appointments are $35 for 30-minutes and $10 each additional half-hour.

With a professional design, our high quality nursery stock and your desire to participate in the transformation of your landscape, you are sure to succeed.  Plus you will have a beautiful landscape to show and the satisfaction of having done it yourself.

Set Up Add-on Option

You can also take advantage of our special "Set Up" Add-on Option! 

For only 20% of the total plant cost, plus delivery, we will deliver andplace your plants for you according to the design at your home for you to plant.

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